CC Week 21 Cycle 3


Assignment: Make a book about astronauts

Resources we used:

  • This month’s Institute for Creation Research magazine featured a Christian astronaut.  A great read and great discussion starter.
  • Draw * Write * Now  – step by step instructions on how to draw a rocket.
  • AWANAS – in our T&T handbook, there were jokes about outer space as well as an excerpt about a Christian astronaut.
  • Scripture – Psalm 8, Genesis 1
  • Movie Apollo 13
  • Magic School Bus episode about Space
  • Midnight on the Moon, by Mary Pope Osborne, from the Magic Tree House series
  • YouTube videos from Apollo 11 landing on the moon
  • Neil Armstrong: Young Flyer, by Montrew Dunham, from the Childhood of Famous Americans series

The result:

My daughter wrote out a Bible verse, drew a picture of a rocket, cut out pictures from the ICR magazine, wrote a few sentences with her own illustration of the astronauts, and drew a picture of the moon with a flag on it.

Other ideas that we have used in the past that relate to this week:

  • Make a moon chart – we made a calendar and observed the moon for a month to see how it changes from day to day.
  • The poem “The Moon” by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Conversations about the Moon


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