World Religions: Conversations with your Kids

Some people have expressed concern over focusing so much on learning other religions during Cycle 1.

Last time through this cycle, I used it as an opportunity to talk to my kids.  We got to dive into TRUTH.

Here is my account from a few years ago:

A few questions about different religions arose from our Timeline Song, so one day we took the opportunity to discuss the history of religion and how it relates to our faith.

We pulled out our timeline cards and the Bible.  We pulled out specific cards that deal with religion, such as Hinduism, Islam, Israel, Christian church – Catholic, Protestant, Church Fathers, etc.  We lined them up in a sort of chronological order.  I explained to my kids some of the cards (very briefly for the younger ones).  I had them answer questions or dictate back to me what they learned from these cards.  I was able to relate some of these facts to what they had heard at church or on “What’s in the Bible? with Buck Denver” video series or Adventures in Odyssey.
Then we looked up Acts 17, where Paul speaks to the church at Athens, a very religious people.  Paul explains that God had overlooked ignorance in the past but was now calling all people to repentance and to relationship with Him.  We also turned to Acts 4:32, which was a verse my daughter was learning for AWANAS.  We discussed how Jesus is the only way to salvation and that is not what other religions teach.

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