Book Adventure: Our Go to for Reading Comprehension

While scanning the web looking for language arts curriculum I came across a great website for encouraging reading!  It’s Book Adventure, similar to the accelerated reading programs in the public schools.  Kids log in to the website and take a 5-10 question quiz on a book they have read to earn points.  There is an online prize catalog to redeem your points, things like books and games.  There is also a parent section of the website, where parents can input their own prizes to reward their children for reading progress.

We have read two short books and taken the quizzes.  So far, my daughter has 150 points.  Most prizes are for over 1000 points.  Now, of course, not every book your child read will be found on this website, but there is a pretty good list of books at all different reading levels.  You can search for books by reading level, category of book, title, author, etc.  Today, we tried testing on “The Little Red Hen” but discovered that it must have been a different version of the story – our version wasn’t listed.

I have been impressed with this website thus far and intend to incorporate this into our reading curriculum for next year.  It will be great to combine computer skills with reading and comprehension.

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