CC Week 24 Cycle 3



  • President’s Rap by Smart Songs – We have learned so much from this song!! We watched it on YouTube as well, and now my daughter looks at a $20 bill and says, “He’s the one that led the common man’s cause – Andrew Jackson”
  • Anamaniacs – “Presidents”
  • To the Tune of “Yankee Doodle”

Simply Presidential

A curriculum that teaches about each president.  We just ordered this curriculum and I enjoyed the Simply Stated curriculum that is by Kreative Simplicity.  It also comes with a coloring book of first ladies.

Childhood of Famous American series

Many great read alouds about various presidents.

Draw * Write * Now: Book 5

There is a section on how to draw George Washington, as well as a section on coins and finding presidents on money.


History Channel’s The Ultimate Guide to the Presidents  (also on Netflix)

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