Living Books

Reading real books makes a subject come to life in a much more powerful way than just reading a few facts in a text book or online.  These books show how God was at work in the midst of events in history.  It shows how God used missionaries to bring hope to those suffering in aftermath of war or in the slave trade.

  • Boer Wars & Slave Trade  David Livingstone, Christian Heroes: Then & Now series by YWAM
  • WWII  Jacob Deshazer, Christian Heroes: Then & Now series by YWAM
  • Communism  Brother Andrew, Christian Heroes: Then & Now series by YWAM
We will also be using The Story of the World: Volume 1: Ancient Times this year.  Volume 1 goes along well with Cycle 1, but it also goes along with Timeline.

The Bible as a Reference

Of course some events on the timeline are obviously from the Bible (i.e. the ones that mention Israel), but I want to include how we can discuss events in history in light of Scripture.


Timeline Motions – Printable version of the motions for the timeline song.  I find the motions can teach a lot about the meaning in a just a few seconds.  For example, just saying “Benedict and Monasticism” doesn’t have a lot of meaning, but the motion is to act like you are putting on your monastery hood.


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