Drawing Books, Supplement to CC

Just ordered the boxed set of Draw * Write * Now.  I have used Book 5 for many lessons with cycle 3 and I look forward to using the other books in the future.

Many of the animal ones are fun to pull out to go along with Science (specifically weeks 5 & 6 for Cycle 1).

It’s also useful for the biomes and habitats studied in Cycle 1 & 2 science.

I also ordered a set of Draw & Write through History.  I have not used this series yet, but it looks like it will go well with CC cycle 1 in the fall.  I think the pictures in this series are a bit harder to draw than the other series.

For Cycle 1, this book was useful to learn to draw a pyramid, a ziggurat, and many Biblical events.

Other volumes of Draw & Write through History had pictures of various empires that we study throughout cycle 1.  (Such as Japan, Napoleon, etc)


I used this book in conjunction with Cycle 1.  It’s a nice reference, with fun pictures and facts that go along well with science, history, timeline, and geography!

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