Why AWANAS has become a major part of our Homeschool Day

This semester AWANAS, specifically the third grade T&T book has become a major part of our homeschool day.  We are working on the bonus sections.  It includes activities such as:


  • make a solar system
  • read a missionary book
  • memorize John 3:16 in another language
  • daily Bible readings with questions
  • research projects on biblical topics
  • making up a game to memorize the books of the Bible

We have been able to use AWANAS as a major source of curriculum:

  • handwriting, spelling of Bible verses
  • writing paragraphs on various topics
  • research skills
  • how to use a concordance, dictionary, etc
  • reading (missionary stories, Bible verses, research)
  • science (the Solar system, specifically)
  • history (Bible and how it relates to Timeline)
  • art (various posters, drawings, etc)

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