Weather Resources

Cycle 2, second semester touches on weather.
I taught a ten week class for our co-op on Weather, for first and second graders.  Here is our basic syllabus, with activities and resources and ideas.
  1. Water Cycle
  2. Sun, Heat, Temperature
  3. Wind, Air
  4. Clouds, Atmosphere
  5. Seasons, Climate
  6. Cold, Snow
  7. Storms, Lightening, Tornadoes
  8. The Flood, and Rainbows
  9. Erosion, Weathering
  10. Review
My main text/resource for experiments, worksheets, and observation logs was Weather Thematic Unit (Thematic Units)
Each week, we

  • learned new vocabulary
  • read related Scripture
  • looked at various books, or read a story
  • conducted an experiment or completed an activity
  • learned about instruments for measuring weather
  • received an assignment and chart for observing the actual weather




  • Sonlight Science Discover & Do Videos – Level K has several experiments on air, Level 1 on water and Level 2 actually has a weather section.
  • Magic School Bus – the one on the water cycle and Inside a Hurricane

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