What Next?


Ahhhh!  Breathe a sigh of relief!  Summer is coming in a few short weeks and time to relax.

While a break can be good, I don’t want our break to evolve into zero structure and laziness.
So here is our plan for the next few months, until we resume CC in August.
our summer schedule, hung on the back of my kitchen counters
On some days, it may be as simple as reviewing CC memory work (from any of the cycles).  It may be reading or drawing or playing games related to the CC work or to topics we did not have time to cover during the busy weeks of CC.
Our first weeks has already been great – nature journaling that turned into writing a poem, online piano lessons with Hoffman Academy, writing letters to friends who have moved off.
For days when I am especially lazy and I have extra kids in the house, I have technology plans that will keep us learning something over the next few months.
SPANISH – I will be teaching a Spanish class over the next few months and hope to post some learning videos on this blog.  Additionally, there are songs on youTube to learn Spanish.
BIBLE – What’s in the Bible with Buck Denver?
LANGUAGE ARTS – School House Rocks
WRITING – how to videos on “cursive”
HISTORY, TIMELINE – Liberty Kids, Audio version of The Story of the World
PIANO – Hoffman Academy
GEOGRAPHY – songs on YouTube such as “Fifty Nifty United States,”  or CCHappyMom geography videos,  also tracing maps while listening to music or audio books
So, I have technology options for every day.  This will come in handy for days my creative juices are low or when it is way too hot to go outside.
Other Activities that can be added into this schedule:
  • Scripture memory
  • Adventures in Odyssey while coloring, drawing, card making, map drawing, legos, or playdough
  • SRN of Essentials class – Language Arts activities we didn’t get to during the year
  • Summer Reading Program at the library
  • Writing letters and cards as a ministry opportunity
  • Cooking and learning life skills
  • Latin Roots workbook to build our vocabulary

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