Our states notebook is filled with all kinds of activities, information, maps, and memories.  It is not in the least bit fancy – it was done by pre-schoolers through 3rd graders.
So, lay off the idea that it needs to be perfect or you need to have it all planned out from the beginning – just get started!
My regional dividers were just construction paper, like the one posted here.  We occasionally added maps of various regions, that I printed from online.
I like using these pages that have a place for drawing and a place for writing.  The kids can write the name of the state and anything else that stands out to them.  They can draw a picture of anything that relates to that state.  For younger students, the parent can do the writing.
Our family started on this states’ notebook more than 5 years ago and added to it for a few years.  I only recently pulled it off the shelf, since we are going to focus on US history and geography this year.  I love to look back at what we learned and see the work that my kids did a few years ago.  I don’t keep most of their drawings or schoolwork, but just a few of these notebooks – based on year or on subject.

Begin your USA states notebook.

  • Trace the states on tracing paper.
  • Insert your sheets from your states coloring book.
  • Add a drawing related to books on the states or history events on the states or whatever theme you choose.
  • Have your child write the name, capital, and abbreviation on one of the pages in the notebook (coloring sheet or drawing or traced page).
  • Copy a USA map and have students color just the states you are working on for the week.

Activities Related to the States

  • If you know someone in these states or you have been there previously or you are traveling there, add extra to your notebook.  For example, save brochures from a place you visited or call your uncle who live in that state and let him tell you something extra about the state.  (For us, that would be pictures of alligators from the Everglades in FL or drawing a picture of a train after talking to an uncle who has worked at the railroad in NE for 40 years.


 Other samples of what we included in our notebook

Artwork, book reports or summaries with illustrations, flags, Draw Write Now inspired drawings, etc


Ohio, spelled with appleseeds and gun for Annie Oakley


picture for Alabama, Draw Write Now provided instructions for drawing bus

covered wagon drawing and summary of a Little House book


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