Have You Made Your Latin Flashcards Yet?

To study Latin this week, we simply made flashcards!




  • Fold cardstock into 8 equal pieces and cut them out. You will need 2 pieces of cardstock to get through the first three weeks of Latin.
  • Write one Latin word per card.
  • Flip over the cards and write the English word on the back.
  • (Write in pencil or colored pencils.  We found that markers showed through the cardstock)
  • For more fun, add color: colored paper, colored pens, or a colored background or frame.  You could laminate cards if you wanted but certainly not necessary.



  • Writing practice (handwriting)
  • Spelling practice for both Latin and English
  • Forces students to slow down and look at each of the words separately
  • Can be used later for drilling words
  • Can mix up the cards so that each word is learned individually and not just as a list (This will be particularly important


Other Ways to Study Latin

Younger than second grade, I do not suggest anything requiring writing.  Simply drill the words orally.

Older students:

  • Write words into a spiral notebook, week by week (with or without looking).
  • Write words on a marker board.
  • Play a match game. Write words on only one side of cardstock. Make sure the writing does not show through.

I have a daughter who is project oriented.  She enjoys projects and making flashcards was a much more pleasant experience for her than simply copying the words onto paper.  And with this daughter one project almost always leads to another project where her creativity shines.  She asked me, “What else can I make?” which evolved into her and her sister drawing, coloring and labeling these state pictures.

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