What Activities for War of 1812? Flag Study

Francis Scott Key wrote the National Anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner” during the War of 1812.  So, our focus for this week is a flag study, the pledge, the national anthem and other symbols of patriotism.

We grabbed a few books from the library.


My older children are familiar with the national anthem, but my younger children are not.  So, we will focus on learning the words.  We recently read Ramona the Pest by Beverly Cleary, and Ramona refers to it as the “dawnzer” song.

In addition to reading about the flag and singing the anthem, we are making flag themed projects.  Here are a few ideas: (we may not get to all of them)



I’m taking the opportunity this week to teach my daughter to handstitch.  Someone had given me these flag scrap material awhile back and now my girls are old enough to learn this skill [ie I don’t have to help them with every step; they can be mostly independent.].

We stuffed the pillow with plastic grocery bags.



Drawing the Flag/Coloring a Flag

Flag study certainly includes drawing!  My child’s tutor used this drawing tutorial to teach perspective. For younger students, I would recommend not adding perspective, or just having them color one that you have drawn.

How to Draw a Flag

Make a Flag using other Materials

  • With food: decorate a cake
  • With legos
  • With playdough
  • With construction paper

Check out other information on History Cycle 3!

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