Cycle 3, Week 10 Classical Conversations

Teaching Squares

Aside from just memorization through skip chanting and singing, it is helpful to use visual and real life application for teaching squares.  When a student can see it, it becomes obvious why we call these numbers perfect squares – they form a square when we use tiles or color in a graph.

Saxon Math 3- Lesson 67  Use a piece of graphing paper and color in 10 by 10 squares, 9 by 9 squares, 8 by 8 squares, etc.  This teaches area, arrays, squares, etc.  Apply it to real life, by measuring square feet of a room, or squares inches on a piece of material.  It is helpful to count tiles on a floor or a checkered type pattern on material, where you can actually see the number of squares adding up to the total square measurement.

Printable Grid Square

History: Gadsden Purchase

If you are like me, you (as mom and teacher) had never heard of the Gadsden Purchase.  Check out this episode of How the States Got their Shapes to learn more.  The Gadsden Purchase section is short and begins along minute 25, but the whole thing has a lot of interesting history.

Some other notes regarding the history sentence: President Polk wanted the US to own all the land between the Atlantic and Pacific (the Doctrine of Manifest Destiny), but he was not president during the time of the Gadsden Purchase.  It happened soon after he left office.  The importance of this event is that it gave the US its current shape/boundaries.

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Music Theory

If you are looking for some additional resources (worksheet pages) for music theory, here are a few, recommended by piano teachers.

Hoffman Academy: We use these online videos for piano lessons.  This link will take you to downloadable Thanksgiving theme music theory sheets.  (Labeling note names, etc)

We used this workbook when we took piano lessons.  Students can practice drawing and recognizing music symbols.  This is a good resource to teach music even if you are not learning to play the piano.


Check out Tin Whistle Sheet Music!

Download the TinWhistle Music below:

Doe a Deer – Beginner

Updated Version:Doe a Deer – Begginer Landscape

Joy to the World – Beginner


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