Intentional Time (Grapes & Goldfish)

Around my house we do a thing called “Quiz Time.” This is usually played at snack time and the kids earn the snack (like goldfish or grapes or popcorn or whatever it is) by answering questions. The kids, all different ages, like playing this game and I use it to teach new things as well as refresh on old things.

For example: to my kindergardener, flash card questions – reading sight words or simple math problems, to my 3 year old – letter flash cards, and then even the 14 month baby gets questions “where is your nose?” or “what does a duck say?” For the older kids I also do questions about our address or how to spell our last name.
We usually start out with questions that I’m sure they know, but I always add a few new questions or flashcards to make it a challenge, to teach something new. And then its followed by an easy question so that the snacks keep coming.

We are adding some geography questions or questions about food groups or Bible verses we are starting to learn.

I have found that doing flashcards at the dining room table while we are eating is best. We are already all sitting down and I keep flashcards handy. Plus the baby is occupied so we can all focus on the learning time. I’m sure the baby is picking up on things already. ….

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