Jesse Tree: Advent Activities for the Month of December

We got our Jesse tree up yesterday on the first of December.  We kept it simple with pieces of construction paper taped together.   Today, we added our first magnet – Creation.  The kids have enjoyed playing with play dough, creating things and remembering that God is the Creator.


Day 1-4 Posts

Continuing on with the plan for our Jesse tree.  Each day has an envelope with the days instructions: a question, a verse, a magnet for the Jesse tree, and any special instructions.

Day 5

  • Read Genesis 12:1-3, 15:1-7
  • Open the gift – calculators.  “Calculate” or “count” the stars – how numerous will be the descendants of Abraham.  (I found five different colors, one for each kid, 94 cents each.)
  • Add the magnet to the Jesse tree (a picture of a baby)
  • Look up at the stars, if the weather permits.  Also, sing “Father Abraham.”

Day 6

  • Ask: Who was Abraham’s son and what does the name mean?
    • Isaac means laughter
  • Read Genesis 17-18:15, 21:1-6
  • Open the gift – jokes to remind us that Abraham and Sarah laughed. (Here you could have a joke book, personal jokes for each kid, or a funny movie.  We are doing a Tim Hawkins comedy video that we already own.)
  • Add the magnet to the Jesse tree (a picture of a baby)

Day 7

  • Ask: How many children did Jacob have?  What was Jacob’s name changed to?
    • 12 sons, his name became Israel, his sons became the 12 tribes of Israel
  • Read Genesis 25:19-34, 28:10-20, 32:22-32, 35:22c-26
    • The story of Jacob covers MANY chapters. I would recommend that parents read through the whole story (v. 25:19 – 35:29).  Then, decide how much to read or summarize to your children.  Since we have a young audience, I wanted to keep it shorter than ten chapters.
  • Open the gift. A package of Welchs gummy fruit snacks because there are usually 12 per package.  If you wanted, you could have the kids name one of the sons of Israel each time they eat a gummy.
  • Add the magnet to the Jesse tree.


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