Guerrilla Learning: A Book on Intentional Education

Guerrilla Learning: How to Give your Kids a Real Education with or without School

I enjoyed and recommend this book for several reasons.

  • First, this book is written to all kinds of parents. It is not just a homeschooling book, but it is a book about parents being involved in their children’s education, whether that be at home or in school or in any number of learning situations.
  • Second, this book encourages us to think beyond traditional education methods and challenges the assumption that teaching=learning. Just because something is being taught in the classroom (or at home) does not mean that the children are learning anything or that the information will be later retained.* It encourages much of education to be directed by curiosity and student interest rather than on grades. This book explains the five keys to Guerrilla Learning (opportunity, timing, interest, freedom, and support) and also gives practical examples of how to use these keys to stimulate true learning.Llewellyn, Grace and Amy Silver. Guerrilla Learning: How to Give your Kids a Real Education with or without School. John Wiley & Sons, Inc: New York, 2001.*This is not a new idea to me. It was first introduced to me in a book called Why Nobody Learns Much of Anything at Church and How to Fix Itwhich is a book about teaching and learning within the church.   

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