Calendar Resources

Teaching the calendar is one important goal in early education.  Here are a few resources and ideas to teach your child the calendar!

Download your Printable: Calendar – Blank.

Every month have your child

  • write or trace the name of the month and the year at the top
  • write or trace the numbers for each day of the month
  • add stickers or decorations for special days (holidays, birthdays, events)
  • hang up to refer to throughout the month

Also, have conversations on how the earth revolves around the sun (years), how the earth rotates (days), and how the moon revolves around the earth (months).  I usually bring scripture into these discussions as well.  For more ideas, see the Nature Conversation series and conversation starters

Sun, Moon, Stars, Constellations, and Shadows.  

Learn the days of the week and months of the year by song.  We have learned these in Spanish as well.

Add another element by using your calendars to track the moon or the weather.

The Moon

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