CC Week 18 Cycle 3

We are 75% done with our memory work.  This is a good week to review and apply previous concepts – especially with science and English grammar.

English Grammar

We have finished up with the section on irregular verbs, but don’t forget to review!

Why Should I Learn Irregular Verbs?

This post tells the whys and gives some printable worksheets to help make sense of these verbs lists!


Now that the memory work for the periodic table is in place, don’t forget to review and apply the information.

Periodic Table

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  • Jacob Deshazer, from the Christian Heroes: Then & Now series, by YWAM  

He was taken as a prisoner of war by the Japanese.  He became a Christian, and then a missionary to the Japanese, because he was able to forgive them by the power of God.  We were inspired by this story and learned so much about WWII.
  • Molly books from the American Girl series

These books are from a child’s perspective, whose father is in the war and what life is like back in the United States during war time.  More light-hearted than the above missionary story.


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