Cycle 3 Week 19


Learning all those trails can be overwhelming, but we have really enjoyed CC Happy Mom on youTube.  She puts the memory work to song.  The song includes the states where the trails start and stop.

If you like this one, check out her other videos as well.  We like the one about canals for one of the next weeks.

Now, is also a time to talk about Westward exploration.  We have read several short books throughout the semester as well as the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  These can add to the discussion for American history.


As far as communism is concerned, I don’t have a huge list of resources, but I really enjoy reading missionary stories.  The story about Brother Andrew is set during the time period of World War II and immediately following and it talks about the consequences of communism – one being that Bibles were scarce and had to be smuggled into communist countries.  Freedom of religion was hindered.

We enjoy reading these type of “living” books to teach concepts such as communism, rather than text books.





Our community is learning this song about the Five Time Periods of Classical Music.

We use the sign language from the Timeline song to help us learn about each time period.

  • Renaissance = rebirth
  • Baroque = decorated
  • Classical = structured/organized/less decorated
  • Romantic = emotional
  • Modern = individual/random (innovation)


Science Scripture (Cycle 3)

Probability Resources


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