Latin – Cycle 1

Cycle 1 Latin focuses on nouns.

We learn the Latin cases in the order that they will memorize endings when learning Latin in Challenge.

The order matters  – it’s always in the following order:

Nominative – subject

Genitive – possessive

Dative – indirect object

Accusative – direct object

Ablative – object of the preposition


If that’s still confusing to you, you will go more in depth into the meanings of all those cases in Essentials English grammar.


So, here are two Latin nouns:

terra – land

nauta – sailor


Here are example flashcards that my Challenge A student will be making out by hand on index cards to learn the Latin words.


Notice that “terr” is the stem.  Then the first declension endings (what they are learning in Foundations this year).

But what do all those versions of “terra” mean?  To connect meaning to the endings, we are writing the meanings on the back of the card, like this:


Example 2


So, if you have upper elementary students, I would encourage you to pick a few Latin words from each declension and have your students add endings as they learn them throughout the year.



A great way to APPLY what they are learning in the foundations  years.

How to Apply the Latin Memory Work at Home

Use the following Latin words to add the endings.  Go ahead and write these words under the appropriate weeks in your guide.


Add the endings that you are learning each week to the stem.  You could stop right there, or you could translate each of the declined words.  nauta – sailor, nautae- of the sailor

This is totally doable on blank paper or on a whiteboard, however, for your convenience, I have created a printable resource – the above chart, blank declension charts, partially filled declension charts by week (stem only) and totally filled in declension charts as the answer key, with translations.  It also includes a few other Latin basics.

Get Your Latin Noun Declension Chart Download!

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This information can be found in the Latin Trivium tables.


  1. LN


    THIS is AWESOME, and exactly what I was looking for. Out of curiosity, why repeat wks 5-12 – are those special words used in challenge? Or?

    • Christina Easterling


      I got the word list straight from our Challenge A director. So, for some declensions, she only gave me a few examples. I had my daughter do some of these words during the summer, and she is already ahead in Latin now that she has started Challenge A. Just a fifteen minutes a day for 6 weeks has made Latin her favorite subject (and this is a girl who didn’t like school) and has made the subject not overwhelming.

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