Cycle 1 Week 1

Typically, my approach to CC is:

  • casually review throughout the week
  • check out library books on topic
  • research in more depth and give a presentation on something we learned two or three times a semester, not every week
  • draw what we are learning, using our drawing books
  • answer the questions the kids ask me about the vocabulary they have picked up from class


For Week 1

I probably won’t make it to the library this week, but will use the BIBLE as our main source text this week. Too many things this week are easily related to the Bible:


Casually Review

We review on the go, sitting outside while snacking, or in the car or around the dinner table or sitting on the couch.  This is not book work time.  My older ones might read the flashcards, but generally its not a lot of reading or getting out books.  Sometimes we turn on the CD or youTube.  But if I know it, then we can review on the go, without using technology or even pulling out all the books.

We try to review the day after CC to get the memory work in our heads for the week.  The rest of the week, we can discuss the meaning of the facts we have memorized, through oral discussion or through library books or through learning videos, like Magic School Bus (like this week, we might find one about plants).




Chart B Song


I have been struck at how the classical approach works.  In science, we begin by classifying living things and then we begin in Essentials with classifying sentences.  Check out these resources to dive in deeper and connect grammar with science and Scripture!!



Guide to Supplementing Essentials


Geography Song



Latin Noun Declensions


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Making Memory Work Connect with Meaning

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