How to Make Connections with Latin

We worked on declining a noun from the third declension.

We used the verb – rex, regis – king.

We also practiced declining first and second declension nouns.

servus, servi – slave, victoria, victoriae – victory, Maria, Mariae – Mary and gladius, gladii – sword


I showed my girls how to translate the words differently depending on the case of the noun.  We made a couple of practice sentences to practice translating.

* Note: These activities were done with my 4th and 6th graders who have only had Foundations Latin.

Sample practice sentences:

(Laudat Рhe/she praises  and vident Рthey see)

  • Rex victoriam servorum laudat.

  • Maria regem laudat.

  • Servi Mariam et regem vident.



  • The king (subject – nominative) praises the victory (accusative – direct object) of the slaves (genitive – possessive, translated¬† “of the …”).
  • Mary (subject – nominative) praises the king (accusative – direct object).
  • The slaves (subject – nominative plural) sees Mary (accusative – direct object) and the king (accusative – direct object).


Check out Latin Noun Declensions – printable fill in the blank charts – students can add the endings to Latin words for each declension or learn to decline words, with answer key.

Latin Noun

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