Christmas Preposition Practice

One fun way to help solidify all those prepositions you are learning, is to have your students identify them – highlight them – in whatever they are reading.

“‘Twas the Night before Christmas” is full of prepositional phrases.  I found 70 phrases!! So, for your convenience, there is a printable copy of the poem with instructions and an answer key.

This is just one simple way to put into practice the memory work.  This is being dialectic.  It could be done with younger kids, by simply pointing out the prepositions.  For older kids, help them see the difference between when a word such as “up” is being used as an adverb versus a preposition.  A preposition has an object but an adverb does not.

Additionally, you may choose to use this famous Christmas poems for other grammar activities.  The instructions and answer key includes locating similes.  

Have fun applying that memory work!!

For some more grammar practice, check out Grammar/Science/Scripture Connections Workbook.  It’s now on sale, since the semester is wrapping up.  This includes practice sentences with an answer key to make connections with everything learned in Science and Essentials for Weeks 7-12.  (There’s also one available for the first six weeks.)  And the great thing is that it ties it all back (integrates) to God by using Scripture related to the science memory work.

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