Why Daily Packages?

I don’t really want Christmas to be about material things, so why do I do these daily packages? For two main reasons: To have something for us to look forward to each day To have an object lesson that relates to the spiritual truth Could I accomplish these things without gifts?  Yes, but it adds



My challenge this month is to be consistent, but without perfectionism! So, I will be trying to update this regularly with pictures and videos of exactly what we are doing! Check out my two newest videos on my Relevant Learning Site on Facebook! Relevant Learning   Check out my posts from previous year’s to help

Essentials – Week 7

Teaching Adverbs, Noun of Direct Address, and Appositives One of my favorite ways to teach is to build a sentence. We began my class with a simple imperative sentence and then added the pieces we are practicing today. We started with “Sing a song,” which is a simple imperative sentence. I asked my class, “Who