Drawing Books, Supplement to CC

Just ordered the boxed set of Draw * Write * Now.  I have used Book 5 for many lessons with cycle 3 and I look forward to using the other books in the future. Many of the animal ones are fun to pull out to go along with Science (specifically weeks 5 & 6 for


Living Books Reading real books makes a subject come to life in a much more powerful way than just reading a few facts in a text book or online.  These books show how God was at work in the midst of events in history.  It shows how God used missionaries to bring hope to those

CC Week 24 Cycle 3

Presidents Songs “President’s Rap“ by Smart Songs – We have learned so much from this song!! We watched it on YouTube as well, and now my daughter looks at a $20 bill and says, “He’s the one that led the common man’s cause – Andrew Jackson” Anamaniacs – “Presidents” To the Tune of “Yankee Doodle” Simply Presidential

Read Aloud Series

YWAM’s Christian Heroes: Then & Now Series  Missionary stories, including David Livingstone, George Mueller, Jacob Deshazer and many others. Childhood of Famous Americans This series includes presidents, inventors, and other historic figures.  We have read Annie Oakley, Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford, the Wright brothers, Davy Crockett and several others. Box Car Children by Gertrude Chandler