6 Ways to be Successful in Non-Traditional Schooling of your Children

Some may perceive unschooling as zero structure and not very goal oriented or that the students are “getting enough.”  And to some extent they are not getting everything someone in public school grade level is getting that year.  The student is probably behind in some subjects but ahead in others. Here are some suggestions on

Why We Are Unschooling

It happened almost on accident, out of necessity. 1. Life happens.   There are always interruptions to schooling.  Even if the kids were in public school, they would be out for sick days, holidays, and various vacation days.  The past two years I have had two hard pregnancies back to back.  (My boys are not

Book Adventure: Our Go to for Reading Comprehension

While scanning the web looking for language arts curriculum I came across a great website for encouraging reading!  It’s Book Adventure, similar to the accelerated reading programs in the public schools.  Kids log in to the website and take a 5-10 question quiz on a book they have read to earn points.  There is an online