Signs of Spring

This week, leading up to time change and spring break, we have noticed the trees blooming white in our neighborhood. This is one of the early signs of spring.  Most everything else around it has not started blooming, but these trees are beautifully white.  We have started noticing them all over town. I wasn’t sure


Can You Identify These Sentence Patterns?

In the last few weeks of our grammar class, we have learned about indirect objects, direct objects, objects of the preposition, object complement nouns, and object complement adjectives. My students can figure some of these out when the pattern is predictable, but are they able to apply what they learned when the sentence patterns are

Probability Resources

Does it seem odd to you to teach probability during our science experiment time?  It seems more like a math topic, right?  Science and math are truly integrated (chemistry, physics, etc all involve math). However, it helps to know how science and probability are connected.  Understanding odds helps us in the discussion of origins.  During