How to Make Connections with Latin

We worked on declining a noun from the third declension. We used the verb – rex, regis – king. We also practiced declining first and second declension nouns. servus, servi – slave, victoria, victoriae – victory, Maria, Mariae – Mary and gladius, gladii – sword I showed my girls how to translate the words differently



[This post contains affiliate links.] On our labor day road trip, we listened to this missionary story on audio book.  It’s one of our favorites – the story of Lilian Trasher (as a part of the Christian Heroes Then & Now Series).  The subtitle is The Greatest Wonder in Egypt. So, as we are studying ancient

Cycle 1 Week 1

Typically, my approach to CC is: casually review throughout the week check out library books on topic research in more depth and give a presentation on something we learned two or three times a semester, not every week draw what we are learning, using our drawing books answer the questions the kids ask me about


Learning about Ziggurats Draw a ziggurat. Use the Draw & Write through History: Vol. 1 as a guide. Read excerpts from Story of the World Read about the Tower of Babel. Relate it to Timeline, History and Geography. Work on paragraph from Essentials.