Making Memory Work Connect with Meaning

[This post contains affiliate links.] Rote memory has a bad rep.  Reputation that is.  Maybe we have bad memories from school of being “forced” to memorize things. Yet so much of learning is memorizing.  And memorizing doesn’t have to be a chore.  It can be fun and meaningful. So, as you are starting off the school

Guide to Supplementing Essentials

What does my child need to be successful in Essentials?  How do I make sure my child is learning enough but not too overwhelmed?  Is the guide (the curriculum) enough? Or do I need to add extra practice? We worry over the details of the curriculum.  First year students seem overwhelmed.  Third year students may

Diagramming Verbals in Scripture

To wrap our English grammar (Essentials) class, we are going to look at a few Scripture verses.  I picked a few verses that incorporate many things that we have learned: various sentence patterns verbals – gerunds, participles, and infinitives clauses noun of direct of address and imperatives Since the verses are long, I typed them