Large Map Activities

One fun way to learn geography is through movement.  Step from one piece of geography to the next so that you learn kinesthetically where rivers, states, cities, etc are in relation to one another. The problem is how/where to find maps that larger enough, durable enough and don’t cost too much. For my Texas history class,

Stages of Mastery: Moving Beyond Rote Memory

Too often rote memory is thought of negatively.  But knowledge first has to be learned [ie memorized] before it can be built upon and applied. We memorize our math facts, either through drills or by repetition over time.  Then, later, we can move into algebra and advanced applied mathematics.  If you don’t have the basics in

youTube Homeschool

Do you struggle to get some subjects in with your kids?  Or our your teaching methods just not meshing with the child’s learning styles?  Why not let youTube teach for you?! Here are some youTube resources that we have been using to enhance our homeschool.  Ha, not just enhance, it’s actually doing the teaching for