How to Imperfectly Homeschool

Perfectionism often keeps us from action.  So, here are some ideas of how to let go of perfectionism in homeschool.

Stages of Mastery: Moving Beyond Rote Memory

Too often rote memory is thought of negatively.  But knowledge first has to be learned [ie memorized] before it can be built upon and applied. We memorize our math facts, either through drills or by repetition over time.  Then, later, we can move into algebra and advanced applied mathematics.  If you don’t have the basics in

What Next?

  Ahhhh!  Breathe a sigh of relief!  Summer is coming in a few short weeks and time to relax. While a break can be good, I don’t want our break to evolve into zero structure and laziness. So here is our plan for the next few months, until we resume CC in August. our summer

Why AWANAS has become a major part of our Homeschool Day

This semester AWANAS, specifically the third grade T&T book has become a major part of our homeschool day.  We are working on the bonus sections.  It includes activities such as:   make a solar system read a missionary book memorize John 3:16 in another language daily Bible readings with questions research projects on biblical topics