Dump Trucks to Chrysanthemums

[This post includes affiliate links.] “Dump trucks are good at dump, dump, dumping, carrying heavy loads, lifting and tipping, out fall the rocks, CRASH, rumbling and tumbling, they can work all day. These words are stuck in my head! Why? These are the words my three year old chants all the time, from her library

Morning Time

Morning Time has been a popular topic among moms as of late.  How do we get our day off to a good start?

My homeschool is not super structured and for awhile our mornings have been more like “survival time.”  I found myself starting the day by turning on the TV just so everyone would leave me alone while I got breakfast going.

But over Christmas break, I became convicted about establishing better habits and better routines.  I’m also aware that starting new habits and giving up old ones is HARD.  It’s a spiritual battle as well.