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States Notebooking

Our states notebook is filled with all kinds of activities, information, maps, and memories.  It is not in the least bit fancy – it was done by pre-schoolers through 3rd graders.
So, lay off the idea that it needs to be perfect or you need to have it all planned out from the beginning – just get started!

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Lesson Planning

Ideas on how to review and make connections with memory work from Classical Conversations.*

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Suggested Reading, CYCLE 3

Ideas on books to read for this cycle, focused on American History.

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Saxon Math

Week 1, Cycle 3

Ideas for starting the year of Classical Conversations Cycle 3.

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Week 6, Cycle 3

Ideas with a focus on the Louisiana Purchase.

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Cycle 3, Week 13-18 Science

Atoms, Elements and the Periodic Table.

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Ideas on how to connect Timeline with the Bible and with books you are reading.  Did you know that the Boer wars are mentioned in the biography about David Livingstone?  The Protestant Reformation is celebrating 500 years!  What was going on at the time of Biblical Events?

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