1. Caroline, send Hadassah a text message about the assignment when you have finished it.
  2. Charlotte, bring your friend Hannah a pillow because she looks sleepy.
  3. Ben, send Kyle a postcard when you arrive.
  4. Make me an offer I can’t refuse.


  • Interrogative uses the implied “you” as the subject.
  • The names are not the subject.  They are noun of direct address, diagrammed above the subject.
  • Hannah renames friend.  It is an appositive, diagrammed in parenthesis next to friend.
  • “Looks” is a linking verb.  “Sleepy” is the predicate adjective.
  • There is an invisible “that” in sentence number 4.  Make me an offer (that) I can’t refuse.
  • Reorder the words of the clause in #4.  “I can’t refuse (that).
  • Connect adverbial clauses verb to verb.  (Adverbial clauses begin with a subordinating conjunction.  In my examples, “when” and “because” are the subordinating conjunctions.

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