Ideas on how to review and make connections with memory work from Classical Conversations.*  We’ve practiced our memory work.  Is that all we should be doing? What are some other ideas to make deeper connections.


 Cycle 1

Specifically, Ancient History, life science, geology, African geography, and English grammar.

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CC Lesson Plans & Ideas

Cycle  3

American History, Chemistry, Irregular Verbs, and More!

Suggested Reading List and State Notebooking

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Diagramming Scripture


Diagramming Scripture.  Where do I even begin?  Scripture is difficult to diagram because it has been translated from another language.  Here are some ideas of how to break it down, as well as reasons why you should try it yourself!

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General Homeschooling

Here you will find some blog posts offering encouragement and ideas.

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Ideas for math games, curriculum, and more!

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Intentionally create connections between Timeline and the Bible, geography, and  with books you are reading.  Did you know that the Boer wars are mentioned in the biography about David Livingstone?  The Protestant Reformation is celebrating 500 years!  What was going on at the time of Biblical Events?

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