Here are some favorite blog posts related to homeschooling!


How to Imperfectly Homeschool

Notice – our moon chart is unfinished; however learning still took place even though we didn’t have it all together!

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Morning Time

Poetry, prayer, read alouds and more!

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Use Sign Language to Teach

Make deeper connections with memory work with sign language – appeals to visual and kinetic learners!

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6 Ways to be Successful at Non-Traditional Schooling

When you decide to school your child at home, you don’t necessarily bring school to the home.   How do you lose some of the structure and methods of the school system (schedules, mandated curriculum, busy work, text books), but still ensure your children are learning?

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Texas History

Experience Texas History, Classically.  Memory work, maps, and more!

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Nature Conversations

Nature Conversations

Scripture, Activities, and Journaling Ideas for 20 Nature Topics!

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Young Children

Ideas for Homeschooling younger kids (3rd grade and younger).  Includes math, games, Bible, and more!

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