Classical but Relevant is all about taking the Classical Model of Education and making it Relevant for you.  Here I offer ideas to supplement your existing curriculum or to help you create lesson plans from scratch.

I personally use Saxon Math and Classical Conversations as our primary curriculum. Everything else is pieced together.



Of course reading is important! What curriculum should I use to teach reading?  What if my child isn’t reading yet?

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Weekly Checklist

Here are the things that we do on a weekly basis at our homeschool.  How long does homeschooling really take?  That depends on how many kids you have, their ages, and your overall approach to homeschooling.

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CC Lesson Plans & Ideas


Ideas on how to review and make connections with memory work from Classical Conversations.*  We’ve practiced our memory work.  Is that all we should be doing?  What are some other ideas to make deeper connections.  Specifically, American History, anatomy, chemistry, US Geography, and Latin translation.

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