Why Should We Bother to Learn Dates?

Yes, if you don’t know a piece of trivia [such as dates], you can just look it up.  So, why should we bother to learn [memorize] dates or other history facts?   Are you really going to look it up? Suppose you are watching a TV show or reading a book.  There will likely be

What Activities for War of 1812? Flag Study

Francis Scott Key wrote the National Anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner” during the War of 1812.  So, our focus for this week is a flag study, the pledge, the national anthem and other symbols of patriotism. We grabbed a few books from the library.    My older children are familiar with the national anthem, but

Do you know important dates in American History?

Take this quiz to test your history knowledge!   Why Should We Bother to Learn Dates? Printable Date Cheat Sheet and Reasons why learning History dates and facts is worth the effort. Read More Take Another Quiz Test your knowledge with another quiz. Read More Other History Resources Timeline, History and Geography Connections Read More

Immigration Unit Study

History (Cycle 3 Week 16) Resources we used about Immigration: Draw*Write*Now, step by step instructions for drawing Statue of Liberty American Girl series, Kirstin books A Picnic in October, by Eve Bunting The Keeping Quilt, by Patricia Polacco “The Great American Melting Pot,”  School House Rocks song   Possible Assignments: Draw Statue of Liberty and