How to Make Connections with Latin

We worked on declining a noun from the third declension. We used the verb – rex, regis – king. We also practiced declining first and second declension nouns. servus, servi – slave, victoria, victoriae – victory, Maria, Mariae – Mary and gladius, gladii – sword I showed my girls how to translate the words differently


Guide to Supplementing Essentials

What does my child need to be successful in Essentials?  How do I make sure my child is learning enough but not too overwhelmed?  Is the guide (the curriculum) enough? Or do I need to add extra practice? We worry over the details of the curriculum.  First year students seem overwhelmed.  Third year students may

Probability Resources

Does it seem odd to you to teach probability during our science experiment time?  It seems more like a math topic, right?  Science and math are truly integrated (chemistry, physics, etc all involve math). However, it helps to know how science and probability are connected.  Understanding odds helps us in the discussion of origins.  During