Cycle 3 Week 19

Geography Learning all those trails can be overwhelming, but we have really enjoyed CC Happy Mom on youTube.  She puts the memory work to song.  The song includes the states where the trails start and stop. If you like this one, check out her other videos as well.  We like the one about canals for

Probability Resources

Does it seem odd to you to teach probability during our science experiment time?  It seems more like a math topic, right?  Science and math are truly integrated (chemistry, physics, etc all involve math). However, it helps to know how science and probability are connected.  Understanding odds helps us in the discussion of origins.  During

Why Should I Learn Irregular Verbs? Tips on Cycle 3 English Grammar

Lists of principle parts of a verb seems boring and completely unnecessary.  What does this information mean?  How do we help our children connect with this material?   It helps to understand where we are going. In the Essentials Program, 4th-6th graders will learn these principle parts of the verbs, learning to conjugate verbs.  The

Cycle 3, Week 10 Classical Conversations

Teaching Squares Aside from just memorization through skip chanting and singing, it is helpful to use visual and real life application for teaching squares.  When a student can see it, it becomes obvious why we call these numbers perfect squares – they form a square when we use tiles or color in a graph. Saxon

What Activities for War of 1812? Flag Study

Francis Scott Key wrote the National Anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner” during the War of 1812.  So, our focus for this week is a flag study, the pledge, the national anthem and other symbols of patriotism. We grabbed a few books from the library.    My older children are familiar with the national anthem, but