I am not attempting to define un-schooling for everyone but I will explain what it looks like for us. The main thing is that it DOES NOT look like public school.  We don’t have much time at the table or a desk.  There is a lot more informal learning going on and less book work.

Our formal time of education (what would look like “school”) is way less than two hours a day.  However, we have all day learning going on:

  • reading books
  • playing learning computer games
  • getting outside for play, exploration and exercise
  • lots of conversation
  • educational videos
  • cooking
  • learning other life skills (chores & service)
  • playing games
  • social interaction
  • crafts, projects, lego building (creativity)
  • informal learning through word games, flashcards, puzzles, coloring, drawing, etc

Why We are Unschooling

How to Make It Work

Other Methods of Schooling

Why We Use Classical Conversations

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