Who-Which Clause Practice

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Diagramming Scripture

Diagramming Scripture

Step by Step how to on diagramming Scripture. We begin with the book of Titus.

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Guide to Supplementing Essentials

Do you need more practice sentences? Check out this article as well as the practice sentences resources.

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Diagramming Puzzles

Help your students see that diagramming is really just a puzzle.  Get all the pieces into place.

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Why Learn Irregular Verbs?

Lists of principle parts of a verb seems boring and completely unnecessary.  What does this information mean?  How do we help our children connect with this material?

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Adverb Song

Here is a song to learn the Adverb Chart.

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Printable Practice Sentences

Additional practice for diagramming sentences.

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These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty!

Lesson plan for teaching the Object Complement Noun.

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Can You Identify these Sentence Patterns?

Practice sentences – all simple, all imperative.  Can you tell the difference between a direct object, indirect object and object complements?

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