You know you need to teach your kids Texas history -it’s an important part of their education.  Maybe you never took Texas history (since you are from another place) or you’ve forgotten those facts from junior high.  You aren’t sure where to start.  There are numerous great programs out there, but you are looking for something that is not too complicated –  something that will get the facts into your students’ heads (and into yours), something great for differing ages, and that is FUN along the way.

How Would it Feel to …

  • know Texas geography (regions, cities, rivers)
  • know the people groups from TX ( tribes , Spain, Mexico, etc)
  • know facts about people and dates
  • have a portfolio of your kid’s experience (flags, maps, drawings, etc)
  • have a springboard for research  (worksheets to facilitate research)

And not just a “we’ve read it once and done” but a multitude of facts INGRAINED into your brain through all the songs and repetition

It’s ALL possible, with my EXPERIENCE TEXAS History classically curriculum.  I’ll show you how!

I got the idea for this CLASSICAL TEXAS HISTORY course when parents at practicum (Classical Conversations training) started asking questions.  I realized that so many homeschool parents were struggling with where to find classically based curriculum, especially in regard to state history.  These parents were asking the EXPERTS at practicum, but they weren’t really getting the help they needed.  So, I decided to study Texas history for myself with the idea of teaching at our local co-op.  In fact, there is an incredible story of how all this came together.

I decided to just keep my eyes open for everything related to “Texas” and that I would work on it during our spring break.  I began praying about how to go about this process.  Well, I ran into my own 5th grade Texas history at the library.   I asked her if I could meet with her and discuss writing a homeschool curriculum.  She took me to her car and showed me a huge box full of Texas history curriculum, and she GAVE it all to me.  She said she was waiting for the right opportunity to pass them on to someone else.
WOW!  I took that as a for sure sign that this is something I was supposed to pursue.  So, after a few months of reading through Texas history curriculum, I broke the the material into memorizable chunks to form this classically based Texas history experience.

Here’s how it works:

I call it EXPERIENCE because I designed it with a co-op setting in mind, but it can be done at home  alone as well.  The experience aspect includes interacting with the memory work material in a variety of way.s  Each of the four weeks, you will memorize the basic history and geography facts.  You interact with the material through song, chants, motions, art, reading, research, and maps.  This interaction helps the memory work to stick and, of course, makes it more FUN!

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But wait – that’s not all!

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to have access to all the songs and bonus material not included in the download.

You and your kids will KNOW the basics of Texas history and geography that will go with you in your other studies.

You will have an amazing springboard for starting further research to go as deep as you want to go.

I want to stress how EASY and DOABLE this curriculum is – you can memorize the facts and move on or you can dive in deep – depending on your time and the age(s) of your kid(s).


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Experience Texas History – Curriculum Download

This Texas History Course is a flexible guide to 4-6 weeks of Texas History.
You could do it with your own family, but it is designed with a class setting in mind.

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Member Resources – Acess this Bonus Material!

I am also offering access to Members – chants, songs, and resources to go with your downloaded course!

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Director’s Discount

Save money with the Director’s Discount – Buy 5 Curriculums/ Get the memberships for 5 families for free!  Plus, you will have access to information to help you set up a co-op Texas History Class!

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Got questions? Here are a few things that my customers ask, along with my responses! If you’ve got more questions, don’t hesitate to email my team at chesney.sfc@gmail.com .

FAQ #1:   What ages is this class for?

I designed the class with K-6 in mind (this is the age group of my own kids and of the kids in my co-op class).  However, anyone can learn material using the classical method.  The activities are designed for the elementary school years, but the memory work could help older students and adults learn the basics of Texas history.

FAQ #2: Should I do this course on my own or in a group?

The course was designed to be used in a four week co-op type class.  Learning with others is FUN and brings accountability.  I would love to help you start your own co-op EXPERIENCE Texas History course.  Contact me and I will help you find the necessary resources and training.

However, it is not necessary to do this course in a group or in a set amount of time.  Learn the memory work and do the activities at your own pace.

FAQ # 3: What are some additional resources to go deeper?

There are several levels of resources available through ClassicalbutRelevant.com.   First, there is a list of suggested resources on the blog.  Second, there is a membership available that puts the memory work to song and chant and gives additional helps for learning Texas history.  Lastly, you may contact me for more information about setting up your own co-op.

Check out the sample of what will be in the membership – Week 2 EXPERIENCE Texas History.

Get Started Now – Download the Course

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