Geography, History, and Timeline Connection

We made this poster years ago.  We have referred to it many times.  The process in making a visual to connect pieces of information is valuable, whether you keep the visual for years or not.

Here’s what we did and how it connects with our curriculum.

You will need

  • poster board
  • printed out blank map pages of Europe, South America, North America (and Africa if you choose).
  • pictures of Spanish conquistadores, Columbus, sailing ships, etc.
  • colored pencils, crayons, or markers
  • you could also draw your own pictures- if students are older
Color and cut out pictures and maps.  I originally did this project with young elementary students so I kept it simple.  Just coloring and rough cut outs.  Then, we glued on the pieces of the map and the various pictures we found.  I just colored in a rough version of Africa, rather than finding one to print.  Africa wasn’t really in the lesson anyway.  Then, with a marker we added the lines for the routes of various explorers.    We focused on Columbus, the conquistadors, a few English voyages (Pilgrims and Roanoke and Jamestown).
  • You could do this type of activity for the various explorers, not just to the Americas.
  • You could also print maps and pictures with any history/geography topic.  The visual helps students make connections to times and places and events.


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