Diagramming Verbals in Scripture

To wrap our English grammar (Essentials) class, we are going to look at a few Scripture verses.  I picked a few verses that incorporate many things that we have learned: various sentence patterns verbals – gerunds, participles, and infinitives clauses noun of direct of address and imperatives Since the verses are long, I typed them

Thanksgiving Song

Want a simple song to teach your kids for Thanksgiving?  That comes straight from Scripture? In my Scripture reading last night, I read 1 Timothy 4 and noticed the repetition of the word “thanksgiving.”  I had made up this song when my girls were preschoolers and now I can teach it to my little boys

CC & Spelling and Handwriting

Incorporate Classical Conversations into our Spelling and Handwriting One goal is to learn to spell all of our prepositions and linking verbs this week. Younger children can use these words for handwriting practice and the older children are learning to write cursive, so they will learn to write the prepositions in cursive. Copywork for science or history can be used for handwriting or