Week 7 Science

I love coming across scripture that tells about nature and God’s design of creation.  I have a whole section of this blog devoted to nature scriptures. So, I have been looking for scriptures that relate to the science we are learning this year.  Week 7 mentions types of reproduction and in a search for “eggs”

Probability Resources

Does it seem odd to you to teach probability during our science experiment time?  It seems more like a math topic, right?  Science and math are truly integrated (chemistry, physics, etc all involve math). However, it helps to know how science and probability are connected.  Understanding odds helps us in the discussion of origins.  During

Atoms and Elements – Activities

Learning Chemistry is tough.  Teaching Chemisty is tough.  How do we explain chemistry concepts to elementary students?  It’s difficult to explain that which is to small to see.  We found a few craft ideas to help us to understand the make up of atoms.  Let’s get started! We printed out these element worksheets from Half